Expo 2020 Dubai


In February 2020,

the coronavirus pandemic came along,

cutting off almost all flights around the world.

Shone planned to depart to Dubai in February

to provide technical support for the

LED sensor bricks project in Expo 2020 Dubai.

However, this itinerary was not yet achieved

due to the lack of international flights.

Since Shone was not on-site to support our local partners,

they had to install mass areas of LED sensor bricks for the first time.

Although they have Shone’s installation norms,

can these 8560 pcs of LED sensor bricks

perform satisfying effects on the venue plaza

while meeting the strict requirements of the owner?

The major concern for Shone was this,

during the first half of 2020.

Expo 2020 Dubai - LED brick light - Shone Lighting

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Surprisingly, on just last week,

Shone’s team received on-site photos delightfully.

These 8560 pcs of LED sensor brick are perfectly presented

through professional installation of our partners,

with the strict product standards and installation norms:

Clean finish with no silicone visible

Assembling gap between recessed box and marble is ≤1mm

Assembling gap between the recessed box and LED brick is ≤1mm

Each LED brick is lower than the recessed box by 0.2mm

Thickness of stainless-steel recessed box is 2mm

Expo 2020 Dubai - LED brick light - Shone Lighting

Expo 2020 Dubai - LED brick light - Shone Lighting

Shone’s partners are professional, responsible,

and dedicated to strictly comply with Shone’s installation norms,

so that the LED bricks can blend smoothly into the plaza environment,

which enhances the overall project effect.



Shone’s refined product standards

and local partner’s professional installation ability

became a great match.

At this point,

the hanging hearts of Shone’s team gradually calmed down.

Expo 2020 Dubai’s LED brick project enabled

Shone’s LED sensor bricks to appear on a large

scale on the stage of world-class projects once again.

Expo 2020 Dubai - LED brick light - Shone Lighting

?????(Left picture)High standards of product design. For example, the dimension of LED sensor brick’s recessed box

is strictly defined, with tolerance range less than 0.2mm.

(Right picture)For these 8560 LED bricks, the size of each brick and the gap between the brick and the recessed

box are almost consistent, which can withstand the customer’s stringent acceptance standards.

Since Shone made the first LED brick in 2003,

we have accumulated 17-year experience in

research and development,

with 2000+ project collaboration experiences worldwide,

in LED sensor bricks.

Now, LED brick’s standards and installation norms

have been made by Shone for world-class projects.

Expo 2020 Dubai - LED brick light - Shone Lighting

△ Shone’s LED brick’s installation instructions (Partial)

In the coming days,

both teams are still responsible for on-site’s inspection

and commissioning, confirmation, and other tasks.

To fulfil customer’s expectations,

both teams are still continuing to work closely

with the highest standards.

Until today,

Shone’s team are still enthusiastically searching

for airlines to Dubai.

When will it be possible?

What other stories will happen for lighting up

Expo 2020 Dubai?

Let’s wait and see!