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    Changsha IFS
    Nanjing Youth Olympic Centre
    The Bund Finance Centre
    Guiyang Fortune Plaza

    Blending intelligent light into our surroundings!

    Expo 2020 Dubai Designated light brick supplier
    National High-Tech Enterprise
    second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Award
    Global SSL Showcase Top100
    More than 100 domestic and foreign technology patents
    2017 Alighting Award ? Top Ten Products Award
    2018 Alighting Award ? Top Ten Products Award

    Explore us


    Nanjing Youth Olympic Centre

    Hengqin Second Bridge, Zhuhai

    Changsha IFS

    Expo 2020 Dubai

    Company Profiles

    Guangdong Shone Lighting Co., Ltd (Shone Lighting for short) was founded in 1995, focusing on intelligent light products, a professional manufacturing national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and technical support. Products are applied in high-end municipal squares, cultural tourism, commercial real estate, garden landscape and furniture building materials.

    Shone lighting products are mainly divided into luminous building materials series, linear light series, flood light series and solar outdoor light series. All the products are independently developed and have complete own intellectual properties, with more than 100 domestic and foreign technology patents.

    Shone lighting manufactured the first LED brick in 2003, which filled the world's gaps in LED bricks. Further, the first LED brick in stone texture was developed in 2016; Shone Lighting advocates the power of design and has successfully provided high-quality products for more than 2,000 engineering projects worldwide.

    Core competitiveness: The technological precipitation that started in 1995, based on the product's stable and durable rapid customization capabilities and quick installation solutions.
    Core values: Being honest, innovative, win-win, faithful and going all out to satisfy the customers, the business partners and every member in Shone.
    • Contact us

      Add : No.11 Heyun Road, industrial park, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou(510450)
      Tel : (86) 20 86404883
      Fax : (86) 20 86404886
      Email : salesmanager@shonelighting.com

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